Watir Thoughts: Introduction

I have had conversations about using Watir to script tests for more than a year.  I recently took a job where the software that I am testing is web-based and can be tested with Watir.  There are a couple of issues that I’ve found trying to do what I want with Watir.  I’m going to start a series where I will:

  • describe what I’m trying to do and why
  • describe how I’d like to solve the problem, pointing to similar Watir functions
  • describe how I’ve worked around the issue for now.
  • ask for other ways to accomplish my goals

I look forward to being able to contribute some of these solutions to Watir if they are needed.

I still feel like I am learning Ruby, but went ahead and downloaded the Watir source code yesterday while writing the draft of this post and got the unit tests running this evening while editing it.

Look for posts on frames and dialogs in the next couple of days.

Testing announcements – Rasta, AWUG, and CITCON

The Austin Homebrew Testers started meeting monthly almost a year ago. Most of us knew each other from the software testing community and wanted a place to relax and discuss testing topics. Two projects that we’ve been working on since almost the first meeting had milestone announcements tonight, Rasta and AWUG:


At one of the first meetings we discussed using Excel to drive software tests. Hugh McGowan and Bret Pettichord had each implemented solutions that were not robust enough to share. Hugh and Rafael Torres took on the project and provided status reports and previews to the group. I took a look at it last Fall when I was teaching myself Ruby and implemented an example and provided some feedback. Version 0.1.1 was released this evening and more information can be found at rasta.rubyforge.org.


The origins of the Homebrew Testers was an informal Watir interest group. At an early meeting, we started talking about forming a formal Watir Users Group in Austin. There have been multiple ideas thrown around over the months, and finally a group is forming. Bret posted the announcement on his blog this evening: Hugh will be presenting Keyword Driven Testing with Rasta at the first meeting this Wednesday.


The first meeting of the Homebrew Testers had been announced just before CITCON last year in D/FW. I did not decide to attend that first meeting until I got to know Bret and Jason Darling better at CITCON. This year’s conference is coming up in Denver on April 4-5. It is free to attend and there will be lots of great discussions about various continuous integration and testing topics. It is organized using the open spaces format, so the sessions will be about the topics of interest to the attendees. I’m looking forward to it.

Stapler Testing

I was catching up on Matthew Heusser’s Creative Chaos blog last week (specifically this entry) and followed a link to a post in Mike Kelly’s blog where he came up with 144 tests for a reasonably standard stapler.

As I read through his list, I came up with 6-8 tests that he didn’t include. Read more »


I’m not an alpha-geek.  I’ve never really been an early adopter.  I finally have a blog.

I’ve been reading the software-testing email list and various testing blogs for a few months now.  I keep seeing common themes that I want to explore further and have decided that creating my own blog will be the best way to do it.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you, but I’m even more excited about being in conversation about software testing with you and the rest of the testing community.


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